Aftersales Service

Your Trust, Our Ongoing Dedication! 

We take great pride in being your trusted partner for vehicle care. Schedule your service appointment with us, and embark on your journeys with the utmost confidence.


Genuine Parts And Quality Assurance

Ensure longevity of your GAC with best components and dependable quality in every service.

Skilled Technicians

Specialised training for GAC technicians guarantees expertise and quality workmanship.

Advanced Diagnostic Equipment

Our service centres are equipped with latest technology specifically tailored for GAC vehicles.


Your GAC, Our Service Reassurance!

Explore our service packages, designed to provide comprehensive car maintenance at an affordable price. Check out the pricing options and schedule your GAC’s service today.​

3 Benefits Of Regular Maintenance

Extended Vehicle Lifespan

Regular maintenance helps to identify and address issues before they become major problems.

By replacing worn parts, cleaning, and servicing equipment, you can significantly extend your vehicle lifespan.

Enhanced Safety

Routine maintenance involves inspections, repairs, and safety checks that reduce the risk of vehicle failures.

By addressing safety concerns promptly, you protect not only yourself and your passengers but also other road users.

Cost Savings

Service maintenance may seem like an expense, but it’s a cost-effective choice in the long run.

By regularly servicing your vehicle, you can avoid costly breakdowns and emergency repairs.

Preventive Maintenance Service



Your GAC, Our Warranty Protection!

Rest assured that your new vehicle is under warranty coverage, ensuring you make the most of your GAC ownership journey.

Stay Covered

Outline of New Vehicle Warranty

GAC will repair or replace any part on the vehicle, except those listed under ‘Warranty Terms’ section in Warranty Information and Maintenance Booklet (WIMB) which proves to be caused by defective materials or workmanship and no-cost to the owner. However, this is dependent on the required maintenance service carried out in accordance to the Preventive Maintenance Service (PMS) and must be performed at GAC Motor Authorised Service Center. For in-depth details, please refer to ‘Maintenance Instructions’ section in Warranty Information and Maintenance Booklet (WIMB).

New Vehicle Warranty

Warranty for all GAC vehicles commences from the vehicle registration date and will be valid for a specified period or mileage, whichever comes first. For in-depth details, please refer to ‘Warranty Instructions’ section in Warranty Information and Maintenance Booklet (WIMB).

What GAC Will Do?

To ensure a satisfying vehicle ownership experience, all new GAC vehicles have been comprehensively inspected and conditioned to the highest standard of GAC’s new vehicle pre-delivery and inspection procedure. For in-depth details, please refer to ‘Vehicle Handover’ section in Warranty Information and Maintenance Booklet (WIMB).

What is Not Covered?

To ensure ideal operating condition of your new GAC vehicle, regular maintenance is needed as indicated in the scheduled maintenance service which should be performed at customer’s initiative. For in-depth details, please refer to ‘Warranty’ section in Warranty Information and Maintenance Booklet (WIMB).


Your Roadside Rescue, Our Commitment!

Your safety and convenience matter to us. Our team is always ready to deliver 24/7 dependable roadside support, ensuring a smooth continuation journey.

Stay Covered

Towing Assistance

With our dedicated 24/7 towing assistance, your vehicle will be promptly transported to the nearest GAC authorized service centre.

Service Hotline

You can rely on our service hotline, always available for you at 1800-18-8673. To promptly answer your call and efficiently coordinate assistance support during emergency situations.

24/7 Always at Your Service

We are committed to being at your service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to offer unwavering support and swift breakdown assistance.

Reliable GAC Service Centre & Body Paint

Your road safety ally with a complete service solution. Rely on us for prompt breakdown support with our authorised service centre & body paint services.